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“The Fantastic 20s” – what appears like pomp and luxury is related to


extravagant life style, exuberant parties and a pricey furnishing style. The 1920s were directly associated with the initial World War. In art , with the aid of the Art Deco epoch, persons tried to forget that putting up with, to curb it outright. Luxury and exclusivity were to ascertain life, to ensure that components of Art Nouveau were more developed.

Presently during this amount of Art Nouveau, which preceded Art Deco , sensuality, the preciousness of materials, sophisticated forms and exclusivity played an important role. Ornamental components and floral motifs transferred to the furnishings of that time and made a photo of the right appearance. With the Good Depression in 1929, the conclusion of the exciting age was eventually made, that will be still identified nowadays because the Fantastic, luxurious and enviable time.

Turn your kitchen into a luxurious Heaven

Are you interested in the Style of the 1920s and wish to reveal this interest in your kitchen furnishings? With the proper style elements, elegant colors, valuable resources and sophisticated rooms build a kitchen in the cool Vintage Look of the Wonderful Art Deco period said. We show you the inside type of that time period and provide strategies for hosting the perfect charisma celebration in the design of the Wonderful 20s.
Black and strong shades share sensuality and power
The Art Deco model provides a picture of power and self-conscious life, that is reflected in along with spectrum of the age, resist: Dark, powerful shades represent grandeur, and radiate sensuality. Particularly common were, thus, mixtures of dark, violet and Silver, which generally generated a deluxe over all impression.

A home in the 20s Look which will be made with deep shades conveys a attractive sense of style. Choose walls in dark grey or pick concept wallpapers dominated by fantastic patterns. You produce Contacts of black furniture and Golden components to get an extraordinary result.
Art Deco pattern in Abundance
Patterned wallpapers are especially suited to the wall style of one’s home in the Fantastic 20s Look. However, considering that the normal representation of flowers and other motifs in the Art Deco has been distributed with, eye-catching, stylized habits are just the thing for the home design. Floral designs don’t match the natural product, but are clearly stylized, show strict, geometric patterns with angular lines and are usually held in Gold or black.

These striking patterns were currently developed during the time of art nouveau but reached their maximum in Art Deco. Design your home with modern Art Deco Picture in the shades of Gold, Grey, and Black to make a lavish appearance. Küche & Co offers you an exclusive motif for background or market straight back surfaces matching your kitchen design in the design of the 20s.